A lawyer’s invoice generally includes one section for professional fees and another for disbursements (in and out of court). This is explained in greater detail below.
  • Professional fees;
  • Disbursements;


The judicial disbursements should not be confused with the professional fees. They are expenses incured in the course of the judicial process, such as: government fees, transcription costs, witness fees, bailiff fees and experts’ fees (among others). In general, the party who looses the trial has to reimburse the winning party for the judicial disbursements incurred (unless the Court decides otherwise). However, the criterion are very specific and restrictive. Therefore, most of the expenses may not be recovered by the other party.

In all cases, our client has to pay the judicial disbursements and other expenses incurred in his file. Those disbursements are part of our invoicing. If we go to Court and we obtain a reimbursement from the other party (which will be, in any case, limited to the judicial disbursements), we simply make a refound to our client or apply a credit.

NOTICE: Please note that this information is provided for information purposes only: it must not be construed as agreement on our part to alter the compensation method being applied to particular cases. We invite you to contact us for more details.

Here are a few tips to help you reduce the costs in your file :

1) Get legal counsel before doing anything.

You will then be sure to start the right way so it will be easier to put your case forward.

2) Be prepared and organized.

By sending us your documentation and information without delay and in an organized matter, you allow us to concentrate on your case and work efficently.

3) Take advantage of legal counsel and act accordingly.

It will sometimes takes rigor and discipline, but you will see, the result will pay off.

4) Put forward a discussion canal and, if you are a group, consider nominate a representative.

This will avoid unnecessary duplication of the interventions.

5) Keep you informed and up-to-date.

By reviewing the documentation we have sent to you, we will have a better understanding of your file’s evolution.