At Jutras Avocats Inc., we strongly favour direct client contact and personalized service. We believe communication is crucial – it’s the foundation of all long-term business relationships based on respect and trust. We listen to our clients attentively; as a result, we get to know them, understand their needs, and appreciate their concerns. We nurture our business relationships with clients in order to keep pace with their evolving needs.

Thanks to our legal experience, skill sets, and flair, we are able to pinpoint areas of concern or potential sources of conflict that escape our clients’ notice, thereby applying solutions designed to prevent specific situations from worsening or conflicts from developing.

We keep our clients informed as their cases evolve and let them know of new developments as soon as they occur. If an unforeseen event occurs, which calls for a change in our deployment of resources, we take the time to meet with our client to review the situation and recommend solutions.

Throughout the whole process, we make sure that our clients understand the impact of all decisions and ensure that risk is managed effectively.